5 Ingredients: What To Look For In A Long-Term Data Annotation Partner

Investment into AI and machine learning applications has grown exponentially and so has the demand for data. However, algorithms are only as good as the training data they use to learn and it is often a fine line between an investment in AI being successful and failing. The difference is often in the way data is sourced and structured. Moreover, as you scale your efforts, it becomes more challenging to clean, label, and prepare diverse and complex data to support ever-evolving models.

As many as 85% of AI projects fail according to Gartner. Successful ML application depends on large, accurately annotated datasets. But getting annotated data, or ground truth for your model, is time consuming and can be more difficult than it seems. 

Often companies may not have the scale to annotate enough data and build the required datasets in-house. Outsourcing data annotation is a great option, but there are factors companies need to take into account. Below we outline the 5 ingredients that a high-quality, long-term data annotation partner must have:

1. Communication

Often an overlooked factor, communication always comes up in client feedback. A good annotation partner will be communicative and responsive, will take initiative in sharing project updates, will ask questions and go a step further to give feedback on your platform/tool and method of work. 

2. Adaptability

A good annotation partner has to make the partnership seamless from your point of view. We work the way you work, using your tools, your methods and processes to make it as easy as possible. Our analysts become an extension of your team to ensure we integrate as easily as possible and start adding value ASAP! We always suggest a team structure when it comes to starting a project, but will work together with you to develop the optimal one for you.

3. Reliability

When scaling your data processes, you need to be able to trust your data annotation partner to ensure quality does not suffer at the expense of team size. Reliability and trust come with experience and time spent working together. Whether it’s scaling or a different project, you have to be able to trust the provider to deliver day in, day out. Otherwise why outsource?! At DataBee we strive to maintain quality at the highest level by delivering on both accuracy and timelines when it comes to projects and once work starts, building that trust with each client is key to a successful long-term partnership.

4. Analyst Training

This goes without saying, but a great annotation partner must be able to deliver high accuracy no matter the scale, timeline or complexity of data. Often data annotation providers use freelancers or can only take on simple data projects due to the lack of investment in the training of their analysts. Training is often overlooked but makes a world of difference when faced with complex data annotation projects. At DataBee, we ensure every analyst is carefully picked and thoroughly trained for every project that they take on. Exhaustive training means they can deliver high quality data reliably when others can’t and this is what differentiates us from the rest. It enables us to be a trusted partner to clients with the most complex data annotation needs. We ensure our analysts are not only the best at what they do, but also versatile, meaning that they can pick up and execute new projects with maximum efficiency.

5. Security

Having strong data privacy and security processes should be an essential feature of every data annotation partner. Dealing with complex data often means that it can also contain sensitive information. Protecting that information and making sure it is absolutely secure is key not only for your peace of mind, but for your business as a whole! At DataBee, securing the data we work with is our top priority and we have taken the necessary steps to accomplish this through compliance certifications, company equipment and strict data privacy policies. We are also more than happy to implement further measures to ensure you are completely at ease when it comes to this.

Interested to find out more about how we do it and our way of work? Don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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